Get to know the Board

Hey everyone, my name is Kirsten and I am 21 years old. This year I am the treasurer of Asset | Marketing. I have just finished by bachelor International Business Administration. After my board year I think I will either do the master Accountancy or the master Marketing Management/Analytics. In my free time I like to workout in the gym, bake a delicious cake or meet up with my friends. I have been active for two years at Asset | Marketing before my board year. I have been in the lay-out, yearbook and marketing expedition committee. I have also attended many activities. The activities I enjoyed the most are the COdE and the cycling dinners. I look forward to seeing you all at one of our activities!


Hi! My name is Romy and I’m 21 years old. I became active at Asset | Marketing two years ago. I started in the Activities Committee and later joined the Commercial Night committee. After being an active member for two years, I decided it was time for taking the next step by doing a board year! So, this year I’m the chairman of Asset | Marketing. Until now, I really enjoy doing a board year! I love to go to all the activities and getting to know all our members. My favorite activity is definitely the COdE Cantus! Next to my board year, I like to go out with my friends or just stay in with my roommates.


Hi all, my name is Jorn Verdellen. I am 23 years old and I grew up in a small village called Sevenum. Most of you have probably never heard of it, but you might know theme park Toverland, it is in the same village! In my spare time I love to do sports such as football, fitness and swimming. I also like to be just outside and if I really have some time to spare, I sometimes brew my own beers. Brewing beer is enjoyable, but it is of course also a lot more fun to drink some beers with my friends. I hope to see you all during this year and I am looking forward to meeting all of you!


Hi! My name is Femke Reinders and I’m one of the external affairs officers of the board of this year! I’m 21 years old and I originally come from Groenlo. Last year I finished my bachelor international business administration. I joined Asset | Marketing in 2019 in the ACOM. After that I joined the Commercial Night committee. In my free time I like to play volleyball. Next to this I like to go out or just be with friends. I’m really enjoying doing a board year and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you at one of our activities!


Hi! My name is Jack Huijgen, and I am 24 years old. Originally, I am from the Hague although I have been studying in Tilburg for about 4 years now, before my board year I did a bachelor’s in International Business Administration. The highlight of my studies was without a doubt my exchange to Hangzhou, China.
For the past year I have been the secretary and vice-chairman of Asset | Marketing, I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the board as I learnt a lot and I got to know many fun and interesting people.
In my free time I enjoy playing football, hanging out with friends, and playing some board/videogames.

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