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The year 2021 brings something that our study association has never seen before, namely part-time board members. Because of the difficulties the whole world, and therefore also our association, has faced regarding the current pandemic, the new board will consist of four full-time members, and two part-time members.

The two functions the part time board members will fulfill are: Part-time Partnership Officer and Part-time Committee Coordinator & Webcare Coordinator. The Part-time Partnership Officer’s duties consist of company contact and committee coordination, whereas the Part-time Committee Coordinator & Webcare Coordinator will be responsible for webcare and committee coordination.

These functions are temporary and tailored to this specific year, meaning that it is not a given that these part-time functions will reappear once a full time board can be formed again in future board recruitment periods. We hope we have informed you well enough concerning this big change in the board of our association. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate and send an email to or a WhatsApp message to Michelle Roelofs (+31 6 39386325). 

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