Get to know Marloes

- Introduce yourself based on 3 things that can be found at the Asset | Marketing rooms:
Hi! My name is Marloes, I am 21 years old and currently I am doing two masters in marketing and a part-time board year at Asset Marketing. I am a real kitchen princess👩🏽‍🍳, who has sadly never won the Cycling Dinner Trophy, I try each edition though. Next to that, I love chatting and getting to know people. Furthermore, my guilty pleasures are lazy sundays (preferably on a nice purple beanbag) and singing “foute deuntjes” which are played loud through the speakers.

- What is your quarantaine hobby?
I often go walking (very original haha🙃) and I like to transform unhealthy recipes into healthy and for sure delicious meals.

- Why is Asset | Marketing a good fit for you?
Asset | Marketing for me is “vrijheid blijheid”; everyone is welcome and everyone wants to have a great time together. I joined the association in my first year, because the atmosphere is great and I love the fact that everyone fits in in their own way.

- Why did you choose to do a board year instead of studying/internship/work?
 I am doing my board year next to my two master studies. I have chosen for this step, since I have secretly always dreamt about an announcement and hints and of course because Asset | Marketing has a special place in my heart.

- What do you like the most about your board tasks?
The committees which I coordinate make me super happy: three different groups of people who are enthusiastic to create things and work together.

- What is your favourite board quarantaine activity?
The Board Meeting (BV). Haha no, just a joke😋. I really enjoy the quizzes and the quizzes formed in bingo’s. Which is why I am also very excited about the upcoming activities, but soon more about that!!

- How do you make the days at the rooms extra special?
With my stories which never go from A to B, but with hundreds of “interesting” details which I find totally necessary to understand the story (which are definitely not necessary😅)

- Do you prefer fries or pizza 🍟🍕?
This is an easy dilemma for me! I love fries, like literally love. My preference goes to a “frietje speciaal”. Did you know that in other countries (except Benelux, Germany & Denmark) there is no curry? When I studied in China, I begged my parents to bring me curry, which they didn’t...

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