Get to know Jack

- Introduce yourself based on 3 things that can be found at the Asset | Marketing rooms: Hi! My name is Jack, I Just finished my bachelor’s in International Business Administration and have now started my board year for Asset Marketing. I am 23 years old and grew up in the Hague. In my free time I love to play football, and I hope to help Asset Marketing win the asset champions league cup that we have at the rooms again this summer! Besides sports I also enjoy drinking beers (online or offline) from my marketings week mug together with friends and Asset members. Next to that I like watching movies with my roommates!

- What is your quarantaine hobby?
When I can’t go outside, I like to stay in contact with my friends through playing videogames! Furthermore, I started learning more complex recipes to cook with my girlfriend, which I think is a fun skill and useful skill to improve!

- Why is Asset | Marketing a good fit for you?
When I joined the Asset Marketing board I immediately felt welcome! What I like most about Asset Marketing is that there is a really open, informal atmosphere, but that we also organize some very big formal events, such as the markethings week and TIME. Allowing you to have a great time, while getting the most out of your professional development.

- Why did you choose to do a board year instead of studying/internship/work?
I feel like a board year is the only way to gain management experience as a student, next to that you also have way more space to give your own twist to the year when compared to an internship. And obviously it is also way more fun!

- What do you like the most about your board tasks?
I enjoy coordinating the committees the most, I really enjoy to see with how much enthusiasm committee members work towards achieving the committee goals and organizing great events. Furthermore, I also enjoy working together with boardies from the other asset departments, as they usually handle everything just slightly different which makes for interesting conversations!

- What is your favourite board quarantaine activity?
Sometimes we play Jackbox online with the board, it’s great fun, and always teaches me a thing or two about my fellow board members!

- How do you make the days at the rooms extra special? At the rooms I have the possibility to hook up my laptop to 2 other screens, which basically gives me a wall of screens that I can work with and makes me feel like Tony Stark a little bit. Apart from that I really enjoy that its possible to go over to one of the other departments and have a chat

- Do you prefer tea or coffee?
Ahh that’s easy! Although I really like the energy boost a coffee gives me when I’m tired, for me there is nothing better than a hot mug of tea to start the day or to enjoy while reading a book.

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