Get to know Hugo

- Introduce yourself based on 3 things that can be found at the Asset | Marketing rooms:
Hi, I am Hugo Borsje and I am 21 years old. I am an early bird, since I wake up between 5 and 6 a.m. every morning. However, a cup of coffee is needed. So, the free coffee in the Esplanade building is an outcome! My first steps in the Esplanade building were towards the rooms of Astrics. But after the Octoberfest activity in 2019, I went more often twice to the right, after taking the stairs. I also like to go for a bike ride or for a run. So, maybe you’ll see me running in a purple sport shirt soon.

- What is your quarantaine hobby?
I love the oldschool board games, such as Ticket to Ride and Risk. As I am an econometrics student, I also like chance games.

- Why is Asset | Marketing a good fit for you?
The moment I came in at Asset | Marketing, I immediately felt the open, sociable vibe. Therefore, I think Asset | Marketing is the right place for me, because I simply want to be part of it.

- Why did you choose to do a board year instead of studying/internship/work?
 After organizing last year’s Markethings Week, a board year is the next step for me.

- What do you like the most about your board tasks?
The contact with both members and companies. I also look forward to the evaluation meetings with the companies next summer

- What is your favourite board quarantaine activity?
The Christmas Dinner was really nice. With great food and the pub quiz afterwards. I also had a lot of fun with my fellow boardies during the “filmday” of our announcement video.

- How do you make the days at the rooms extra special?
Small things. Enjoy the moment, while seeing my fellow boardies with a cup of 5-0-0 coffee!

- Do you prefer winter weather like we have now or summer weather?
What is a better dilemma than the choice between summer or winter! Although I really wish everyone a lot of fun in the snow, I prefer summer! There’s nothing wrong with temperature of 25-30 degrees!

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