TIME to shine

Location: Meeting point, Schiphol Airport
Time: Saturday morning October 25, 8.30h
Object: TIME for take-off!

Last weekend, the board members and consultants of team TIME 2019 gathered at Schiphol to say goodbye to their parents, siblings and friends. After 10 months of hard work, thousands of acquisition calls, diving into their desk research and presenting those to the TIME foundation and their own companies, the trip that they were all looking for was finally going to start! For four weeks, they will visit two countries: Shanghai (China) and Tokyo and Osaka (Japan). 

This year, TIME consists of 5 board members and 10 consultants who conduct market research for 10 companies. 

Michelle den Hartog, Travel Planner:
"I personally think it is great to see that we have become such a close group. During the upcoming month, we will learn, see and experience even more. But above all, it will be a month in which we will become even closer as a group. The hard work during the week will be interspersed with relaxation and fun activities at the weekend. I want to wish everyone of our team an insane research adventure, together we will make it a trip that we will carry in our memories for the rest of our lives!" 

Stay up to date about all their adventures in Shanghai, Tokyo and Osaka and follow TIME on Instagram and LinkedIn!

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