Workshop Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting people to visit your website is a big challenge, but an even bigger challenge is getting people that visit your website to actually make a purchase. How can we make sure that more people purchase our products? This is where Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) comes in. So: how can we increase the number of sales to people that visit your website?

Do you want to learn more about CRO?  This is a very interesting topic, because it’s becoming increasingly relevant to (online) marketeers and can be achieved through for example A/B testing, SEO (search engine optimization) and behavioral targeting. So CRO relates to multiple online marketing topics.

So how does this work? How can we use SEO or A/B testing to increase the percentage of website visitors that actually buy your product? These questions will be answered by Yonego in this workshop! Yonego is an online marketing bureau which works for companies like Eindhoven Airport and JustLease. Yonego will organize an interactive workshop, in which they will teach you about the basics of CRO.

This workshop takes place on Monday November 26th, from 19:00 till 21:00. Enrollment closes November 23rd, or when the event is full. Note that our workshops are usually full before the enrollment deadline, so enroll in time!

Please note that this workshop will be in Dutch.

Took place on November 26, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
November 23, 00:00h
CubeZ 15
Participating companies


This event is organized by the Education Committee

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