Workshop Branding

Note: this workshop will be in Dutch!

In the book 'How Brands Grow' by Byron Sharp, building distinctive brand assets is explained in detail. Distinctive brand assets contribute to the mental availability of your brand. It means that your brand is always visually recognizable, such as the consistent use of a certain font, symbol, color or sound logo. Without showing the brand name, people will already know what brand they are talking about. But why is this crucial? How do you build and maintain distinctive brand assets? Sportlife - part of Cloetta Holland B.V. - will be happy to tell you all about it! Afterwards you will get to work with an assignment about KING Peppermint.

Took place on April 19, 15.00h April 19, 16.30h
Registration Deadline
April 16, 23:59h
Tilburg University, DZ005
Participating companies
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