TOP Week

The TOP week is the general introduction week for all the new bachelor and (pre)master students at Tilburg University. In this week the new students will learn everything they need to know about the city Tilburg, about Tilburg University and they get to know their new fellow students. The TOP week consist out of several student related activities which concerns meeting new studies, students, student associations, and study associations like Asset. The TOP week program is shown below and got great events like a BBQ, a Pub Crawl, the TOP Cantus and the TOP festival.

At Tuesday 21th of August, Asset organizes the Asset Party during the TOP week. The Asset Party has become a tradition for the Tuesday night during this week and is known for great music, nice people and free beer. There are several DJ’s invited who make sure you got a night that you won’t forget. The party doors are open for everybody who wants to join. So besides the nicest people from Asset, everybody else is more than welcome to join this amazing party. And of course, this wouldn’t be an Asset party if there is not a lot of free beer. See you at 21th of August at Polly Maggoo at 23:00!

Took place on August 20 August 24
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