Marketing Mania

On February 8 2022, Asset | Marketing will organise Marketing Mania once again. During this event, you will get to know Henkel (Dutch), Philips (English), SchaalX (Dutch), and Kotak Marketing (English) via a company presentation, a case, and even speeddates if you are one of the selected!

During the morning program, you will get acquainted with Kotak Marketing (English) or SchaalX based on your preference and the available spots. After a company presentation and case by the company, you will have the opportunity to present your case. If your group presents the best case, you will be invited for a speeddate with the company. You can also be invited for a speeddate based on your CV.

After the break, the afternoon program will follow where you can get to know Henkel or Philips (English). Again a company presentation will be held, after which you will work on a case. Once all the cases are presented to the company representatives, the speeddates will follow.

It is possible to register for only one round, or for both. One round will last +/- 3 hours.

Marketing Mania will take place at the university.

This event is based on first-come first-serve, if the company of your preference has no more spots available, you will be assigned to the other company in that round.
Please note that in case of a no-show you will be placed on the Asset Blacklist and charged an additional fee of 5 euros.

Took place on February 08, 09.30h February 08, 17.00h
Registration Deadline
February 01, 23:59h
Tilburg University
Participating companies
SchaalX (Dutch)
Kotak Marketing (English)
Philips (English)

Dress Code

Business casual

Subscription fee


Registration for this event is closed...

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