Cycling dinner

The cycling dinner is a great informal event where you can get to know your fellow Asset | Marketing members a bit better! This years' cycling dinner will take place on October 3. The cycling dinners consists out of an evening filling program, full with (new) friends, good food and nice drinks. The Cycling Dinner exists of three courses and each course will be eaten at different student houses of fellow Asset | Marketing members. Couples of two will be made and each course will be eaten with different people and cooked by different people. Allergies, vegans or whatsoever are taken in account so don't worry if you have one or are one! The Cycling Dinner is the perfect way to meet your fellow Asset | Marketing members! After the dinner we will end the evening with a small drink in the city. 

The theme for this year will be: 'Let's make Asset | Marketing great again’!

The event will start at 19:00 and the after party will be at Cafe Philip. Besides the delicious meals, there will also be a trophy (it's HUGE) for the couple who serves the best dish. 

This amazing night only costs €10,-. The deadline for subscription is on September 25, so as our friend Donald would say: I do not say you should subscribe, but you should subscribe!

Took place on October 03, 18.30h
Registration Deadline
September 25, 23:59h


This event is organised by the Activities committee

Registration for this event is closed...
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