Commercial Night

The Commercial Night is an annual event, which is organized by study association Asset | Marketing. It will take place in one of the cinema halls of Pathé Tilburg. During this evening four companies will share their experiences around their commercials with the more than 200 students present, and afterwards there will be an informal drink. Every year another theme will be chosen to keep it innovative!

This year the event will take place on the 12th of March 2019, in one of the cinema halls of Pathé Tilburg. 

The theme this year will be celebrity endorsement. The participating companies are Rivella (Vrumona), Mora (Van Geloven), Venco (Cloetta), and Magnum (Unilever). These companies collaborated with celebrities to strengthen the effectiveness of their commercials. During the presentations of the companies we will take a look behind the scenes of commercials and enlighten the strategies the companies used when making commercials. 

For €5,- only, you will get an amazing night ánd 4 consumptions with popcorn!

*Be aware that if you unsubscribe after the 7th of March, your bank account will still be charged for the event. 







Took place on March 12, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
March 12, 17:00h
Pathé Tilburg
Participating companies






This event is organised by the Commercial Night Committee

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