Board Information Drink

Are you interested in what we as board members are doing on daily basis? 
Do you want to know which projects keeps us occupied? 

For those who are interested in doing a board year, but also for members who are just curious about what we as a board do, we organize a Board Information Drink.

We invite you to join this event where we share our experiences and personal stories about what a board year looks like for us. Besides, we will share some insights about the board functions that are open for application (Chairman, Treasurer and External Affairs Officer).

Come join us on March 20 and listen to our stories and ask questions while enjoying some drinks!

(If you are not available, it is also possible to schedule a coffee with one of the board members, you can send a text to Florine (+316 37446960) to schedule one!

Took place on March 20, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
March 20, 19:00h
Esplanade building, E.102
Registration for this event is closed...

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