Bicycle painting event

On the 27th of September, the big bicycle painting event is on the agenda! This is the best opportunity to show your love for our purple army; for blending in even more; to have an appropriate bike for the Cycling Dinner; and foremost to be an Asset | Marketing Ambassador in Tilburg!

During the day, there will be two moments that you can hand over your bike to the Campus Team. This is scheduled around the Marketing Channel Management Lecture of 10:30. You can hand in your bike at the following moments:

- 09:30 – 10:30
- 12:30 – 13:30

You can bring your bike to the crossing behind building E at your chosen timeslot. The Campus Team will take good care of your bicycles, and will make them Cycling Dinner Proof.
Below, you can find the registration form, where you can subscribe yourself to a timeslot. 

Keep in mind that you can pick up your bike approximately two hours after you brought it to the Campus Team.

Took place on September 27, 09.30h
Registration Deadline
September 26, 23:59h
Building E, Tilburg University


This event is organized by the Campus Team

Registration for this event is closed...
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