Internal Announcement Candidate Board

It’s time to announce the new Candidate Board to you!

Since Julie, Elise, Michelle, Hugo and Marloes will be leaving the board this September, new boardies will of course take their place.

On June 9 at 19.00 we will all meet at the terrace of De Vrienden van Tilburg to enjoy some drinks, snacks, and announce the new Candidate Board by means of a fun game.
This is also your chance to congratulate them with their board positions!

One thing you still have to wait for is the roast of the new boardies. This will take place during the external announcement which will be in July! So make sure you are present at both announcements!

Note: this event is limted to 45 participants.

Took place on June 09, 19.00h
Registration Deadline
June 08, 16:00h
De Vrienden van Tilburg
Registration for this event is closed...

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