Marketing Days

This is the registration form for the symposium. For the workshops, presentations business lunch etc. click the links below!

For only 5,- you can join the symposium and as many events as you like. Only the business dinner an additional 19,- will be charged.

The Marketing Days will take place from 24-27 October. It is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with companies and to get to know the marketing world better. With activities from companies that are active in different branches, the Marketing Days is interesting for everyone who wants to know more about marketing.
This year the theme of the Marketing Days will be "The Movement" a theme that invites companies to talk about how they move on with the trends in the world. For example: how do they adapt to trends like sustainability or inclusivity?

At this event, it is possible to attend a symposium, presentations, a business lunch with Sligro, participate in cases, or workshops of great companies such as: AB InBev, Fingerspitz, and Henkel. Jumbo,  Mondelez and iTrainee join the business dinner, make sure to be there to meet you future employer! Note that there are limited spots available for cases and the speeddates. 

For only 5 euros, you can visit as many events as you like, as well as the closing party after the end of the week! Except for the business dinner, here an additional 19,- will be charged.
You will also receive a goodiebag with some items from the various companies.


The Programm:

Monday the 24th of October: The symposium will take place. We'll start at 19.00h, where ABInBev and Fingerspitz will tell their story about the theme. After the presentations they will have a discusion about the theme. The symposium will be hosted by Ronald de Jong!

Tuesday the 25th of October: We'll start the day at 10.00hSawiday will do a workshop. From 13.30h Henkel will do a presentation. After this presentation they will give a workshop.

Wednesday the 26th of October: The day will start at 10.00h with a case followed by a business lunch organized by Sligro. After lunch, at 13.30h, Springbok will do a presentation followed by a network drink. Webs will close the day with a workshop at 15.00h.

Thursday the 27th of October: At 15.15h we'll start with an apperitif to start the day. After this presentations of the particpating companies: Jumbo, Mondelez and iTrainee will be held. When the presentations are finished, you get the chance to meet your potential future employer during speeddates. This will be followed by a great 4-course dinner in the beautiful skyboxes of the Koning Willem II stadium. You'll get a 4 course dinner and unlimited drinks for only the price of 19,-.


Subsciption form the business dinner click here.

Subscription form for the Workshops, cases or presentations click here.

The subscription form for the symposium can be found below.


For the business Dinner it's mandatory to hand in your CV, as this is a CV-selection event!

Took place on October 24, 19.00h October 27, 22.00h
Registration Deadline
October 24, 18:45h
Participating companies

Subscription Fee

5,- For the symposium and as many events as you like.

19,- extra in case you join the business dinner.

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