Markethings Week

The Markethings Week will take place from 16-18 November. It is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with companies and to get to know the marketing world better. With activities from companies that are active in different branches, the Markethings Week is interesting for everyone who wants to know more about marketing.
This year the theme of the Markethings Week will be "Proud to Stand Out" a theme that invites companies to talk about their core competencies and what makes them and their marketing campaigns truly special.

At this event, it is possible to attend presentations, or participate in cases, or workshops of great companies such as , AB InBev, Jumbo, and the CBS and join a business dinner with them! Note that there are limited spots available for cases and the speeddates. 

The Business Dinner is the way to get in touch with companies in a fun way. The business dinner will start at 2 pm. The activity will be kicked off by the presentations of the participating companies. After the break, the speed dates with the companies will take place. The companies will talk to the students selected by them. Students who are not selected can do some work for themselves a separate room. At the end of the speed dates, there is a small networking reception. After an afternoon of hard work, it is time for the icing on the cake. During a 4-course dinner, people will move on per course so that everyone has talked to each company. This evening is expected to be over by 21.00. 
Participating in the business dinner will increase the cost of the event by 15 euros.

After the Markethings week on thursday November 25 there will be a closing party exclusive for participants at the Asset Cafe with 100 Liters of free beer!

For only 5 euros, you can visit as many events as you like, as well as the closing party after the end of the week!
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Note: The registration deadline is October 29, so make sure to register on time!

November 16, 09.30h November 18, 23.00h
Registration Deadline
October 23, 23:59h
Tilburg University
Participating companies
AB Inbev
Kenneth Smit
Robert Walters
Kotak Marketing

Subscription fee

€5 (+ €15 in case you join the dinner)

Sponsored by

- Tandarts Schroeder
- Iwok & Go

Registration for this event is closed...

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