Public Announcement Candidate Board

After the internal announcement in June, we now proudly present the public announcement of our Candidate Board. 
Even if you have been to the internal announcement, we warmly welcome you on September 29, at 20.30. Then, the wait for the roasts of the new boardies is finally over!
Thus, come listen to all of their fun stories at the Vrienden van Tilburg and congratulate them on their position.

Note: This is a Testen voor Toegang event, so in order to participate, you and your +1 will need a valid QR code

Note: due to technical issues you might not receive your confirmation email, however we do receive your registration.

September 29, 20.30h September 29, 23.59h
Registration Deadline
September 28, 23:59h
De Vrienden van Tilburg

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