TIME 2023 Consultants

The International Marketing Expedition (TIME) is an initiative of study association Asset | Marketing in corporation with Tilburg University. The purpose of TIME is to conduct international market research for companies in interesting foreign markets. These research projects are conducted by talented students who are selected for project and have affinity with marketing.

TIME Consultants

Each year, around 7-10 students from Tilburg University get the unique opportunity to conduct research abroad for Dutch companies as a TIME consultant. The research can have all different kinds of subjects but will always help the companies with their strategic decisions for that country.

TIME consultants get the chance to gain experience with different kinds of research, both on a national and international basis. This will create a strong fundamental for further research at the university, and later in your career in a research position or in the field of marketing.

But TIME includes more. Next to conducting research, students are made responsible for finding the companies that will be the client for their research. Acquisition, both over phone and by visiting companies for sales appointments, is used for this. During this phase you will learn skills in the field of sales, which will be an enrichment for your CV.

The final purpose of TIME is conducting research during four weeks abroad. Getting in touch with foreign cultures and get to know business etiquettes while conducting research will make TIME an unforgettable experience.

Skills you will develop

While being active as a TIME Consultant you will develop several skills. In this committee you will learn how to work intensively within a team, as well as you will upgrade your acquisition skills during the acquisition period. Besides this you will learn to discuss during different meetings and the importance of meeting deadlines set. You will develop your academic writing skills, which will act as a foundation for your Master Thesis.

Are you interested in joining TIME as a consultant or do you want to get more information? Visit the website or send an email to [email protected].

Do you want to stay up to date about the project? Make sure to follow TIME on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram!

Please note that for the most important phases of the project, it is necessary to control the Dutch language in reading, speaking and writing in order to successfully prepare, deliver and complete the project as agreed with the companies.

Total members
Hours per week
5 - 10

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