Study Trip

The Study Trip committee is responsible for organizing the yearly study trip that lasts about 8 to 10 days, somewhere in the world. The trip is designated for about 24 students and always takes place during the spring break. The Study Trip Committee is expected to include several specific components in their trip, so should there be some company visits and cultural activities. In addition to paying attention to the cultural aspects. Furthermore, there will be enough free time and sightseeing.

Next to organizing the trip and acquiring interesting companies, it is important that all costs are covered. That is why the committee is also looking for partnerships with companies that are willing to finance our study trip in exchange for some exposure.

Previous years our study trip had Beijing, Istanbul, New York, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Dublin and Malaysia as destinations.

Skills you will develop

While being active in the Study Trip Committee you will develop several skills. In this committee you will learn how to work within a team and will organise a big both formal and informal event. Besides this, you will need to call different companies for possible sponsorships and you will upgrade your acquisition skills. Also, you will learn to meet several deadlines and the committee is international oriented.

Are you interested in joining this committee or want to know more? Send an email to

Desirée van de Munt
Sharda Hinsenveld
Max van der Schaft
Michelle Roelofs
Naomi Keja
Karin Dirks
Celine van den Tillaar
Julia Kelder
Total members
Hours per week
6 - 8

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