The PromoCie is responsible for the awareness of Asset | Marketing through online and offline advertising. In the committee you will learn how to advertise through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The committee thinks of the possibilities that social media has to offer for Asset | Marketing and then execute different campaigns. The goal is to inform and encourage all members (active and passive) to be present at the different activities. The PromoCie also helps with the online and offline promotion of other committees. The committee is very creative since they have to use their creative brain to create the most remarkable promotion actions. With the use of original acts and support of the promotional activities of Asset | Marketing this committee plays an important role in our search for new members and improving the bonds between the current members.

Skills you will develop
While being active in PromoCie you will develop several skills. In this committee you will learn how to work intensively together within a team, think out of the box and organize some really nice promotionstunts. This way you will upgrade your creativity, organization and communication skills. Furthermore, you learn how to work with social media and optimize posts.

Anouk van den Ouweland
Anouk Smits
Constance de Jong
Lennart Huygens
Mijke van Hanegem
Thijs Pardoel
Bram Vissers
Floor Penning de Vries
Total members
Hours per week
2 - 4

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