Marketing Event

Marketing Event is an activity about Marketing. The event will take place in the evening in an informal setting with a marketing related central topic. Several companies and speakers will attend this evening, providing you with more information about their experiences and businesses. The goal of this event is on the one hand to organize an informal, marketing related event for our members. On the other hand, this event is a very suitable method to get passive members in touch with Asset | Marketing in an easily accessible and informal way.

In the first phase, members in the committee define a theme. Last years, we had themes like: Creative Marketing Stunts, Marketing of the Future and Gender Marketing. When the theme is chosen, the committee will start the acquisition and select interesting companies. The committee will also be busy finding companies that are willing to finance the event in exchange for exposure.

Skills you will develop

While being active in the Marketing Event Committee you will develop several skills. In this committee you will learn how to work intensively together within a team and you will contact different companies. This way you will upgrade your acquisition skills. Besides this, together with the committee, you will learn how to organize a formal event.

Are you interested in joining this committee or want to know more? Send an email to

Rolf Bronzwaer
Boyd van den Berg
Jesca Lemmens
Jeroen de Bie
Michelle Roelofs
Kirsten Edel
Nicole H√ľnen
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