Marketing Days

The Marketing Days Committee is responsible for organizing various marketing related activities, both formal and informal. All these events will take place in one week. The following activities take place during this week:

  • Multiple marketing related lectures
  • Marketing related workshops
  • A Symposium on the first night
  • Business Cafe

These activities are organized in cooperation with the board of Asset | Marketing. The aim of the week is to offer students a diverse range of possibilities to get in touch with several companies.

The committee members have a diverse range of tasks, because there are many activities to be organized this week. Furthermore, the committee is responsible for acquiring companies for business activities but also for finding partner possibilities to finance this great event. Companies as McDonald's, P&G and Greenpeace and many others participated over the last couple of years. The aim of this week is to put marketing in the spotlight and have students experience diverse possibilities to get in touch with companies. The committee delivers a fantastic week with divers, interesting and fun activities.

Skills you will develop

While being active in the Marketing Days Committee you will develop several skills. In this committee you will learn how to work intensively together within a team and you will contact different companies. This way you will upgrade your acquisition skills. Besides this, together with the committee, you will learn how to organize a big formal event. Your communication and planning skills will go to a next level. 

Are you interested in joining this committee or want to know more? have a look at the Marketing Days Website, or send an email to [email protected].

Jens Buurveld
Eline Lemmen
Miranda Manschot
Rianne Bos
External affairs officer
Lonneke Slippens
Femke Reinders
Total members
Hours per week
4 - 5

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