Activities Committee

Active members are very important for Asset | Marketing. The Activities Committee organized various informal activities for our active members. In this way, members of different committees get to know each other better. The Activities Committee creates a close group within the association and makes the active members more committed. Perhaps this is not the heaviest committee but for sure it is an important one!

Events organized by this committee are for example: Cycling Dinner, Beerpong Tournament, Octoberfest Olympics, Active Members Evening, Active Members Weekend, Christmas Dinner and more. Those events are very important for the bonding between our active members.

Skills you will develop

While being active in the Activity Committee you will develop several skills. In this committee you will learn how to work intensively together within a team, think out of the box and organize some really nice informal events. This way you will bring your creativity, organization and communication skills to a next level!

Are you interested in joining this committee or want to know more? Send an email to

Sharda Hinsenveld
Florian Terpstra
Bram van der Meijden
Patrick Cohen
Romy Reintjens
Tess Buesink
Femke Reinders
Jeroen de Bie
Total members
Hours per week
2 - 3

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