On this page direct links to the designated webpages for all events of the academic year 2021-2022 that count towards obtaining the Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence are presented. 

  • February 22: Lustrum Tour. Organized by Asset | Marketing.
    During the Lustrum Tour you will be introduced to Mondelez through an engaging presentation, a company tour, and by solving a real business case. The event is a unique opportunity to experience the company culture and gain a better understanding of what it would be like to work for these companies and the opportunities they provide.
    Register hereEnglish (2 point).
  • March 8: Workshop Undutchables. Organized by Asset | Marketing. 
    This workshop is will teach you how the Dutch labour market works and give advice on how to apply for a job. Afterwards, there will be an informal drink.
    Register hereEnglish (1 point)
  • March 8: Workshop RVS Marketing. Organized by Asset | Marketing.
    This workshop will teach you all about B2B marketing. 
    Register here, Dutch (1 point)
  • March 14: Alumni Event. Organized by the Department of Marketing in cooperation with Asset | Marketing.
    Registrations will open soon, English (2 points)
  • March 15: Commercial Night. Organized by Asset | Marketing.
    During the Commercial Night, companies will show you how they incorporate Equality in their commercials. The event will be in Pathe, and you will get popcorn and drinks!
    Register here, English (2 points)
  • May 11: Marketing Event. Organized by Asset | Marketing.
    During the Marketing Event, companies will tell you about how they use personalization in their marketing. After presentations of each company, there will be a panel to discuss the different views.
    Registrations will open soon, English (2 points)
  • May 17: Inhouse DayOrganized by Asset | Marketing.
    During this inhouse day you will learn all about Fingerspitz, through a company visit, presentation and case!
    Registrations will open soon, Dutch (1 point)

Note: In order to obtain points for these events, you have to upload a pdf file that includes: a) a picture of yourself at the event, and b) a short summary of the event (about 5 lines) and a brief reflection on what you have learned during the event (about 4 lines). You can upload this document under assignments at the Career Development Marketing course on canvas. You have 5 working days for this after the event. If you miss this deadline, we can not grant you any points.

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