On this page direct links to the designated webpages for all upcoming events that count towards obtaining the Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence are presented.

Upcoming events (semester 1)

  • November 4 - Workshop 2 SEO workshop given by Greenhouse Group (DU spoken) (1 point)
  • November 5 - Career Services: Roadmap to working in The Netherlands (EN spoken) (1 point)
    • Marketing Management students click here to register
    • Marketing Analytics students click here to register
  • November 3-5 - Tilburg Career Days presentations, cases, and workshops by companies interested in Marketing students (DU/EN spoken) (1-5 points)
  • November 6 - Sustainable Leadership: meet Paul Polman & Meike van Ginneken (Ronald de Jong moderates the discussion) (EN spoken) (1 point after sending in questions)
  • November 16-19 - Markethings Week presentations, cases, and workshops by companies interested in Marketing students (DU/EN spoken) (1-5 points)
  • November 26 - Career Services: How to prepare for assessments? Online assessment training (EN spoken) (1 point)
  • December 1 - Workshop 3 Vitality/Work Life balance workshop given by Frisse Blikken. (1 point)
  • December 15 - Video-editing workshop given by fior network. (1 point)

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