Who are we?
Asset | Marketing is a study association at Tilburg University that focuses on students and alumni whom are interested in marketing management and marketing analytics. Asset | Marketing has become one of the biggest study associations in Tilburg, with over 400 alumni, and over 1300 aligned students. Our members are mainly (pre-)master students Marketing Management and Marketing Analytics, as well as second and third year Bachelor Business Administration students with an interest in marketing. Since we focus on students that are about to end their study, this is the moment for you to draw the attention from our students! Asset | Marketing helps students to get in contact with companies and vice versa.

What do we offer?
Asset | Marketing offers different ways in which we can introduce you to our students. This includes online exposure via our website or on our social media channels (Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook). Furthemore we have the option to place your internship, traineeship and/or job vacancies on our career platform. Besides this you can get in contact with students via one of our recruitment or career events. These events vary in how interactive they are and the way you will meet them. Below you can find an overview of our formal events. 

If you are interested in cooperation with Asset | Marketing, we would love to tell you more about it! You can contact us via [email protected] or via 013-4663044.

marketing mania

Marketing Mania is a Case Day with the possibility of speed dates. During this day, companies get the opportunity to present a case to the students. The topic of the case is up to the company. After the case, there is a possibility for speed dates with the winning group. This is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with students and have a speed date with the group of students who interest you the most.

marketing days

The Marketing Days is the biggest career event organised by Asset | Marketing. The Marketing Days will begin with a symposium. In the days that follow multiple marketing related activities will be organised ranging from a training or workshop to a business cafe. During each activity you can get in contact with students, in an informal or formal setting. The Marketing Days are organised for over 100 students which consist of HBO students, bachelor students and master students. The Marketing Days offers many different activities, so there is always something that suits your companies needs.

business dinner

The Business Dinner is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with students. The Business Dinner will take place on the last day of the Markething Days. First, the companies will introduce themselves to the students through a presentation. After this, the companies and students will get to know each other better through speed dates and a four-course dinner. The companies can choose the students who they go on speed date with, based on the CVs of the students. Around 20-30 students can join the Business Dinner, of whom most are in their master. The Business Dinner is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to master students as their future employer.

marketing event

The participating companies of the Marketing Event are introduced to a large number of students. Each year the Marketing Event has a different theme on which the presentations of the companies are based. Examples of previous themes are personalization and marketing in times of crisis. After the presentations, there will be a panel where the companies will talk about the different views on topics related to the theme. At the end the companies can get to know the students in an informal setting during the networking drink. During the Marketing Event it is possible to introduce your company and the job opportunities to over 90 students.

commercial night

The Commercial Night is one of the largest formal career events of Asset | Marketing. During this night, companies are invited to show their commercials and give background information on their campaigns. Each year the Commercial Night has a different theme, examples of previous years are equality and gender marketing. As this event takes place in Pathé, there is an informal atmosphere. After the presentations, there will be an opportunity to get to know the students at the networking drink. The Commercial Night is the perfect opportunity to get in contact with over 100 students in an informal setting.

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