A look into the life of the Chairman of Asset | Marketing!
While writing this blog, I realized how much I have already experienced and what I have already accomplished together with my fellow boardies. Time goes by fast during a board year but luckily, I still have more than enough time left as chairman of this beautiful association. In this blog, I will give you insights into the position of chairman, but also why I chose to do a board year and what my experiences are!

Why did I choose to do a board year at Asset | Marketing?
Four years ago, in my second year of the Bachelor of Business Economics, I was looking for a fun association where I could meet many new people and where I could develop myself further. Soon, I joined the activities committee at Asset | Marketing as secretary. In a short period of time, I got to know so many great new people. In addition, I really enjoyed all the activities of my committee and the activities that other committees organized. Everybody was so welcoming, which made me feel at home soon. After finishing my Bachelor of Business Economics, I wanted to develop myself further on a more practical level. Therefore, I became interested in doing a board year. After talking to old board members, I was enthusiastic about a board year. So, when I finished my bachelor, I decided that it was time to finally apply for a board year at Asset | Marketing.

What did my board year bring me?
Because I was part of the association for 3 years before I joined the board, I had the feeling I already knew what to expect. But I was still very much surprised during my first months as a chairman. In short, my board year brought me two important things: social benefits and personal development.

Regarding the social benefits, I really underestimated how many new people you will get to meet during a board year. You will personally get to know all Asset boardies of all the other departments, which are already like 40 other people and because we all work together on the same floor, it is like a big group of friends. This is, in my opinion, one of the things that makes working during a board year a lot of fun and for that reason, it totally does not feel like working. Then there are all the boardies of other study and student associations, whom you speak to quite often and make for some good connections to have. Furthermore, you get in contact with a lot of companies and meet new people there as well, which can be very valuable for your future career. Next to the large network that you build during your board year, you also get to go to a lot of amazing activities. You will be very busy every week, but that is totally made up for by the amount of fun and excitement each week.

Secondly, the personal and career development that you go through during a board year is truly incredible. A lot of tasks may be out of your comfort zone during the start of the year. For myself, I always found it a bit scary to call or mail people and companies that seem far more accomplished than yourself. However, only after a few weeks I totally grew over this irrational fear. Now, I am very comfortable with speaking to more important people and parties. Besides, as a chairman, you will be able to develop numerous skills such as (professional) communication, keeping the overview, leadership skills, working in teams, setting priorities, weighing out different options and their consequences, and adopting a professional attitude.

What does the position of Chairman entail and what did I learn?
I find it hard to explain exactly what the position of chairman entails, but I’ll try to explain it the best I can! In short, the tasks of the chairman are keeping overview, leadership, ambassadorship, Asset General, and remaining board tasks.

Keeping the overview and contemplating the bigger picture
One of the main tasks of a chairman is keeping an overview. You need to be up to date about what your fellow boardies are doing, but you also need to know what is happening within Asset General. Therefore, you are a lot in contact with your board members from Asset | Marketing and Asset General. In addition, you need to look into the future and make sure you begin on time with organizing events or planning meetings. Furthermore, you need to actively focus yourself on long-term decision-making and therefore, the future of Asset Marketing.

Another one of your tasks as the chairman is leadership. You will lead all the meetings like the board meeting and the policy meeting every Monday. You need to make sure that during discussions everybody can share their opinion and that everybody supports the final decision, which can sometimes be a real challenge. But it goes a little further than running meetings. You also provide leadership to your fellow board members. You make sure they complete their tasks on time and properly. In addition, you must find the balance between controlling your board members and giving them the freedom to do their own stuff and make their own decisions. You also ensure that the workload is fairly distributed among the board members and that everyone remains satisfied and motivated. For this, you also have expectation and evaluation meetings with each board member.

As chairman, you are the representative of your association to different parties. Firstly, you represent Asset | Marketing in the meetings with the General Board of Asset. Secondly, you have meetings with important parties like the Department of Marketing of Tilburg University or the Marketing Associatie Nederland. In addition, you also represent Asset | Marketing during the Marketing Kick-Off, where you represent the association to a large group of students. When meeting with all those parties, you need to keep in mind the interests of Asset | Marketing. This can be challenging sometimes when there is a conflict of interest with the other party.

Asset General
As chairman, you also take place on the general board of Asset. The board consists of all the chairmen of the 7 Asset Departments, the chairman of MAK, and the Independent Chairman. So next to your position as chairman of Asset | Marketing, you will also have a position within the general board. You can expect that around fifty to seventy-five percent of your time goes to your Asset General position, depending on the exact function that you cover there. I am the Events Manager of the General Board, but there are 6 more positions you can choose from! Within my function, I am responsible for a lot of the formal events of Asset General, which gets me in contact with numerous organizations, companies, and interesting persons. Being on the board of Asset General is fun, but also a huge challenge since every department has different interests, and even your own department might have a different interest than Asset General. For me, another dimension is added to this since as Events Manager, I also need to consider the interest of the EBT, and for that reason, I can get in the middle of three parties with different interests. This can be very challenging, but at the same time, very interesting and educational.

Board Tasks
Next to your tasks as a chairman, you also have general board tasks. As mentioned, before we have our Board Meeting every Monday, where we discuss all the committees, current affairs, events, promotion schedule, and much more. In addition, we have our weekly policy session also on Monday, where we work on our short- and long-term policies that we made in the summer. This year our focus is on Professional Skills and Career Development, TIME, Internationalization, and the Certificate of Extracurricular Excellence. Next summer, the short-term policy needs to be renewed by the new board. This is also an important task of the chairman. Another thing that every board member needs to do is coordinate committees. This can sometimes be challenging, but it is also fun since you build up a stronger bond with the members of your committee. Lastly, every board member has the time to pick up a project or an event that they want to pursue. For example, organizing the introduction activity, which was the Beer Olympics in October!

Do you want to know more?
Are you interested in doing a board year and do you want to know more about the position of chairman? You can always send me a message on +316 11 18 51 80 or we can drink a coffee to talk a little bit more about a board year!

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